Monica Groop
Monica Groop
Artistic Director


FRIDAY 11.8.2017 – Opening Concert
Solhälla at 7 pm

”An evening with Aino Ackté”

Spend a captivating evening in the company of one of Finland’s greatest and first international primadonnas, soprano Aino Ackté (1876-1944). In this half-staged evening we will explore music from the time of the national awakening by Finnish composers Fredrik Pacius, Ernst Fabritius, Oskar Merikanto, Erkki Melartin and Jean Sibelius. The program also includes instrumental music and some well-known opera-arias.

Artists: Mari Palo (soprano), Monica Groop (mezzo-soprano and narrator), Niall Chorell (tenor), Jussi Merikanto (baritone), Gustav Djupsjöbacka (piano), Kreeta-Maria Kentala (violin) and Pauliina Fred (flute).


SATURDAY 12.8.2017
Skärgårdshemmet at 3 pm

“Coffee – better than a thousand kisses!”

Take a coffee break while enjoying J. S. Bach’s wonderfully satirical Coffee cantata composed as a comic miniature opera about our obsession with coffee. The old poor Schlendrian is deeply troubled by his stubborn daughter Lieschen, who absolutely refuses to stop her coffee drinking. He needs to come up with a cunning ultimatum……….

The program includes chamber music by F.X. Richter och C.Ph.E. Bach.

Artists: Aapo Häkkinen (harpsichord), Barocco Boreale (strings), Pauliina Fred (flute), Mari Palo (Lieschen, soprano), Niall Chorell (tenor) and Jussi Merikanto (Schlendrian, baritone)


SATURDAY 12.8.2017
St. Olaf’s Chapel at 7 pm

”Folkbaroque side by side”

Join us for an unforgettable evening that revolves around the theme of dance. Violinist Kreeta–Maria Kentala combines folk music from her native village in Ostrobothnia with music by J. S. Bach and the ensemble joins her in dances, arias and duets from Henry Purcell’s operas.

Artists: Barocco Boreale (strings), Aapo Häkkinen (harpsichord), Pauliina Fred (flute), Mari Palo (soprano) and Monica Groop (mezzo-soprano)


SUNDAY 13.8.2017 - Festival Closing Concert
Solhälla at 3 pm

”Finland meets the Great Masters”

In the closing concert of the festival we will listen to chamber music by two of the earliest classical composers from Finland, namely Erik Tulindberg and Bernhard Henrik Crusell. The concert begins with Ludwig van Beethoven’s piano music played on fortepiano by Tuija Hakkila and continues with a collection of songs by Joseph Haydn and W. A. Mozart performed by mezzo-soprano Monica Groop.

Artists: Monica Groop (mezzo-soprano), Tuija Hakkila (fortepiano), Barocco Boreale (strings) and Pauliina Fred (flute)