Stina Ekblad


Actress Stina Ekblad was born in Ostrobothnia, Finland. She studied in Denmark at Odense Theater Academy (1972–1975) and has since then mainly worked in Sweden. She made her debut at the Royal Dramatic Theater in Stockholm 1987 as Tintomara in the play” Drottningens juvelsmycke” (The Queen’s crown jewels) by Almqvist. Many other parts were to follow a.o. the leading character in Mishimas´s ”Marchioness de Sade”, Phaedra in Racine’s tragedy, a role for which she received the Thalia prize (2006). She has also made guest appearances in Dusseldorf playing Stalin in ”Jalta” (Yalta) and in Copenhagen. One of her latest creations in Stockholm has been Clytemnestra in ”Electra” by Hoffmansthal. She has performed in numerous movies a.o.

”Fanny and Alexander" (Ingmar Bergman), ”Ormens väg på hälleberget" (Bo Widerberg), "Amorosa" (Mai Zetterling) and "Madklubben" (Barbara Rothenborg), and she also loves to perform together with musicians. In 2020 she published her memoires based on the poems that have been closest to her heart.

Stina Ekblad.